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increase sales by 312% over 7 months in the beauty niche

The main goal was market expansion at all costs. The main result was taking over 40% of the local market with cutting the cost per acquisition half for just 7 months

online beauty store


7 months

312% increase in sales

time and effort allocation

full-blown site audit
keyword research
competition and SERP analysis
content optimization
google ads setup and optimization
Facebook ads set up and optimization

the brand

Nailsbg is one of the established brands for beauty products on the Bulgarian market. The brand is well known for it’s complete set of products for your manicure and pedicure. As one of the 3 biggest players on the market the main idea was expansion

the goals

The main goal was to increase sales through organic and ppc channels

The secondary goal was to maintain the conversion rate while scaling spent in Google Ads and Facebook Ads

the challenges

One of our main challeges were to scale the paid traffic while maintaining the same cost per acquisition. To upsell the current customers and to find new prospects using Facebook and Google ads. We also started working on the organic visibility of the site, which was not done before.

the approach

  • We did a full-blown SEO audit to find any technical issues that might cause a problem with indexation or crawlability and implemented it with the help of the developers
  • The keyword research wasdone focusing on the volumes of the clicks a query receives. We also analyzed the SERP. We gathered data on the competition and made some checklists for the content team.
  • We rewrote the main meta data and made a template to rewrite the whole product meta across the site. We also created a product descriptions template and categories description templates.
  • We created a sales funnel for Facebook ads based on the data in the account. The main focus was the scaling and prospecting for new customers.
  • We restructured the Google Ads account based on the data we gathered during the keyword research. We started with DSA campaigns and scaled based on the results.
  • The audiences we created helped us scale with better CPA. We used some Lookalikes based on the current clients and implemented them accross the sales funnel we designed
  • The remarketing campaigns in both platforms performed incredibly. They returned 1200% ROAS
  • Implemented a quick ordering process and sped up the site by 1.04 sec on avg.

the results

  • The organic traffic increased with 408%
  • The converions increased 312%
  • The conversion rate increased 101%
  • The revenue increased 376%
  • AOV increased by 32%

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