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how we grew organic traffic by 341% over 18 months

our client came to us asking to grow his organic traffic in Google and rank his site for broader keywords related to his niche. He already had an established offline business with steady YoY growth, but wanted to expand sales online. Check what we did and how we managed to boost the organic visibility by 341% for just 18 months.

online store for furniture


18 months

341% traffic increase

time and effort allocation

full-blown site audit
keyword research
competition and serp analisys
meta manual rewrite
content optimization
link building

the brand

Hop Mebeli is one of the established brands providing furniture and home decoration for more than 12 years on the Bulgarian market. The brand is well known for it’s competitive prices and vast variety of models and products. The offline presence of the brand was indisputably one of the best in the niche.

Main priority was to provide excellent customer service and expand the variety and quality of products with nationwide distribution.

the goals

The goals were strucured in two main directions.

The main goal was to increase the organic visibility of the brands products to new audiences in Google search results.

The secondary goal was to maintain the conversion rate with expanding the organic visibility

the challenges

When we started working with the client he had no tracking setup in Google Analytics and the measurment was done offline. Also, the site was not structured correctly based on a keywords the customers were looking for. One of the main challeges were to structure the data collection process and collect some historical data on their past performance. The next big challenge was to understand the niche sepcifics and consider them when restructuring the whole site. Link building was also a challenge we faced in small market as bulgarian

the approach

  • We created a tracking infrastructure in Google Analytics using ecommerce tracking to monitor all website traffic. We set up the macro and micro conversions we were interested in. We made some integrations with Google Data Studio to monitor the traffic and conversions
  • We did a full-blown SEO audit to find any technical issues that might cause a problem with indexation or crawlability.
  • The keyword research wasdone focusing on the volumes of the clicks a query receives. We also analyzed the SERP using a cool new tool we found. We gathered data on the competition in the results and made some checklists for the content team.
  • We restructured the main navigation based on the data we collected in our initial keywords research. We focused on topics and categories that were important for the client and showed some potential for expansion.
  • We rewrote the main meta data and made a template to rewrite the whole product meta across the site. We also created a product descriptions template and categories description templates.
  • Started a link building campaign focused on awareness. We created some content pieces that were ment to educate our customers on how to design and furnish their homes. We distributed them accros various media.

the results

  • The organic traffic increased with 341%
  • The converions from organic traffic increased 1500%
  • The organic visibility of the site increased 421%
  • The conversion rate increased 31%
  • The revenue increased 88%

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