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scale from $40 to $25 000/m ad spent for new product on the market

When the client contacted us he wanted just to optimize his ad spent. Now we sell in 6 countries with ad spent of $25k

smart tech store


12 months

from $40 to $25k

time and effort allocation

facebook ads
audience research
Google ads

the brand

When we started working on the project the brand was unknown and had few customers who were all aqcuired through Facebook ads. The product was high quality, but not popular.

the goals

The main goal was to increase sales through Facebook ads

The secondary goal was to maintain the positive ROAS while scaling spent in Facebook Ads. Later we started Google Display, Google Search Ads and SEO in selected countries

the challenges

One of our main challeges were to scale the paid traffic while maintaining the same cost per acquisition. Since we worked in smaller markets the main issue was the ad fatigue and audience overlaps.

the approach

  • We did a full-blown SEO and CRO audit to find any issues that might cause a problem with conversions
  • We created a sales funnel for Facebook ads based on the info the client gave us and the research we did. We did not have any previous data. The main focus was the scaling and prospecting for new customers, since the product was relatively new and unknown.
  • The audiences we created helped us scale with better CPA. We used some Lookalikes based on the current clients and implemented them accross the sales funnel we designed.
  • Our design team worked to create more than 350 creatives for the different target audiences.
  • We added Google Ads to the marketing mix and saw positive ROAS.
  • The remarketing campaigns in both platforms performed incredibly. They returned 1320% ROAS
  • The last piece of the puzzle was to star working on SEO, since we saw a great increase of search volume. Also we started brand protection campaigns since we saw a vast increase in competition 🙂

the results

  • The brand searches rose from 0 to 1000 a month
  • Ad spent scaled from $40 to $25k
  • Maintaining a positive ROAS of 6.5 on avg.
  • More than 15 000 customers globally
  • Expand market to 6 countries and counting…

I met Chris when a mutual friend introduced him. At the beginning I had no particular idea how a campaign is going to run and where should I advertise, but got a consultation by him. My first impression was incredible, and I understood that they are working professionally and they have an eye for the details. We started with just one product in one country, and after just a couple of months, the results were amazing. This was the reason to trust DigiMentals to scale my brand in other countries, where we are also getting wonderful results. Now we are selling our products in 7 countries and continue to scale because I have confidence in Chris and his team at DigiMentals.

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