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from new website to 1st position in Google for just 7 months

We started working with the client when the site was still in production. The goal was to rank for the most profitable keywords on the market related to CBD. We did it for like 7 months

CBD eCommerce


7 months

from new site to 1st position

time and effort allocation

seo audit
keyword research
Google ads
link outreach
content marketing

the brand

Completely new brand, unknown to the market.

the goals

The goal was to fix all SEO related issues on the website before the launch and start working on ranking, after the keyword research.

the challenges

The main challenge was to compete with well-established brands with a couple of years of history.

the approach

  • We did a full-blown SEO and CRO audit to find any issues that might cause a problem with indexation.
  • We created complete keyword research for all CBD related search terms.
  • We created a content calendar using the keyword research and started creating great content on the blog. Our client had a great knowledge of the industry and we created in-depth professional content.
  • We started working on outreach with local media to acquire some valuable links.
  • We also worked on Google Ads to see which keywords converted the most. That way we found the most valuable keywords and started pushing them to the top.

the results

  • We indexed for more than 500 keywords in the first 3 months
  • We managed to rank the website for the most valuable money keyword on the first place for just 7 months

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